Dedication. Passion. Excellence.

Deere-Hitachi relies on the dedication and passion for excellence that all of our employees bring to the job. For everyone here, being part of our work force means learning to function well as part of a team, while expanding and perfecting individual skill sets. And we're all keenly aware that only by completing each stage of production properly can true customer satisfaction be attained.

This passion for being the best, and using the best, is what enables us to build the best. And it assures customer satisfaction for years to come.

The skill sets of our work force can be grouped into two areas: Technical and Professional.

Technical Skill Sets: Professional Skill Sets: Current Opportunities with DH:

- Welding
- Assembling
- Logistics
- Painting
- Prep Finishing
- Plate Processing
- Machining
- Quality Assurance
- Maintenance

- Supply Management
- Design Engineering
- Manufacturing Engineering
- Quality Assurance
- Accounting
- Information Technology
- Human Resources
- Order Fulfillment

> Welding Technician
> Machining Technician
> Production Buyer
> Design Engineer

Integrity. Quality. Deere-Hitachi.

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